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— Perificus A.K.A. Perry Johnson

I am Diamat

I have a hat with goggles on it that I look at when I miss my friends...don't ask. I am consistently trying to kill everyone, much to no avail, even when they hug Bladenados...again, don't ask. Anyway, I've played TTRPGS for almost 20 years. Podcasts are fun. Bye.

Hi everybody, I'm Bagger...

The Firbolg Barbarian. When I'm not beating things in the blacksmith shop with my hammer, Black Betty, I'm beating bad guys on amazing adventures with my friends. Saving the world is pretty Awesome.



Hi, I'm Kra'ag


I'm just your standard Bugbear Druid...Alchemist...Gunslinger. Okay, maybe I'm not so average. Regardless, I do what I do for my friends, and the people I hold dear. Anyone foolish enough to get in my way will taste my bestial wrath.


Hi, everybody my name is Tash

the Aasimar Cleric! With the help of my friends I'm on the hunt for my brother AND powerful artifacts of the gods! Life outside the monastery sure is exciting!


Hello Everybody my name is Daryl...

I am the proprietor of Tiefling Tails, provider of ...well, you know. I am a vampire, and I love to do insane things. I love to look fabulous and am a vegan.



I am Silverpaw

I make an honest living as a intermediary between the nobles  and the dishonest scoundrels of Pilas. Not much of a difference really.


Hi, my name Skrit Skratch


1 Whole Foul

4 Cups Wheat Flour

4 Eggs